6 Types of Stickers That Work For Brand Promotions!

6 Types of Stickers That Work For Brand Promotions!

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Brands are constant looking for ways to add creativity to their marketing events and campaigns. Right from using promotional products and T-shirt designs to pledging support for relevant social causes, they do it all. If you have been looking for ways to promote your company, custom stickers are a great choice. In this post, we will talk of the different types of stickers that you can print.

  • Die cut stickers. These are custom stickers that don’t have additional backing sticker material. This simply means that these stickers are cut in the same shape as the artwork. When you want the design and artwork to stand out and create an impression, this is what you need to look for. This is also a great choice when you are handing out stickers for promo

  • Kiss cut stickers. In case of kiss cut stickers, the sticker is printed on vinyl material, so when you peel off the sticker, there is still some backing vinyl material left. It is pretty obvious that these stickers are easy to peel off, which is why these are preferred by brands who want to share bulk stickers for promotional needs.
  • Sticker sheets. If you are printing hundreds of same stickers in smaller sizes for branding and labelling needs, sticker sheets are an ideal choice. These are same as kiss cut stickers, but the sheets are bigger, so you can peel off the labels easily.

  • Product labels. These are product labels that are printed with better glue, often to stick on specific products, jars and surfaces. These are pretty handy if you just need product labels and nothing else.
  • Car stickers. A lot of brands also offer designer car stickers to customers with slight elements of marketing. Car stickers can be made using quality materials and better glue quality, so check for the options and ask for samples before placing an order.

  • Window and wall decals. Wall decals can be promotional or simple artwork that can be used for your reseller business. Wall decals can be an ideal way of promotion without being too loud. Make sure that the sticker works on painted surfaces and doesn’t damage the color or paint of the wall.

Before placing an order, check with the vendor to know the kind of products they deal in and if they can print in Pantone colors. Also, check the file formats accepted and the time required to get the order.

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