How to take care of permanently straightened hair

How to take care of permanently straightened hair

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Straight hair is always easier to maintain when compared to curly and wavy hair. Also, some people have uneven hair textures with a lot of frizz. To avoid this issue, you can straighten your hair. Straightened hair can be versatile, and you can get the bangs or the fringes that you always wanted. Many hairstyles suit straight and silky hair better; check out the list of 50 Breathtaking Auburn Hair Ideas to Level Up Your Look. However, straightening your hair permanently can cause extensive damage to it and here’s how to minimize this damage.

Having permanently straight hair will surely save your time in the mornings when you hardly have any time to detangle your hair after the shower. You can tie a pony easily without even using a comb, and most of the hairstyles look good on you. However, all of these come with a price; hair damage, and breakage. This doesn’t mean that there’s no hope in the world and you can never get your hair permanently straightened. All you need to do is to take care of your hair a little better than before. Here are some of the essential things that you need to keep in mind while handling permanently straightened hair:

No heat for a very long time

The last thing you would want to do after treating your hair with a lot of chemicals is to put it through a styling device that exudes heat. Once you’ve straightened your hair, do not use any styling appliance on it like a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron. This will further damage your hair beyond repair, and there are chances of your hair getting burnt and tearing off at the ends. If you cannot avoid blow drying at all, use one that emits cold air instead of hot air.

Condition regularly but shampoo rarely

Your hair is prone to dryness and damage after you straighten it which is why it is necessary to condition it almost every day. If your scalp is oily and gets itchy, use a mild shampoo only around your scalp and not towards the tips. Remember to cover your hair whenever you got out in the sun or wherever there’s too much of dust and pollution so that you won’t have to shampoo after you get back home.

Trim your hair regularly

If you’ve straightened your hair, you will have to trim it regularly to avoid split ends and breakage. You may wonder why to trim periodically if the growth is happening at the roots. If you do not trim the tips, split ends will occur which will halt its further growth and make it vulnerable to more breakage.

First comb, then brush

Use a wide-toothed comb after you’ve thoroughly dried your hair, and gently detangle it with your fingers using a good hair serum. Only then you should use a brush.

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