What are the Benefits of Digital Printing for Custom Labels?

What are the Benefits of Digital Printing for Custom Labels?

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Digital printing technology provides vibrant high quality labels that can be utilized for any product or project. They are very different from flexographic presses that utilize polymer plates to transfer ink onto materials. Digital ogresses recreate an image from a digital file with the help of dots of ink. This procedure is quite similar to the working of a desktop printer. If you are a newbie to custom labels or considering adopting the switch from flexographic labels to digital labels, this article will help you understand the benefits of digital printing.

  1. Quick Turnaround

Digital label printing does not need plates. In other words, you do not have to pay for a printing plate for each color on the label. No plates also signify that a shorter setup time so your labels can be printed faster and you get your labels in less time.

  1. High Quality

When considering product labels, high quality graphics and colors help in attracting more customers. The digital presses are deemed to print at a resolution of almost double than that of a traditional flexographic label, so that you receive a crisp and clear output with vibrant colors.

  1. Price

No plates and less press setup time signify that the costs for digital label printing are comparatively low for short-run labels as compared to flexographic labels.

  1. Short Run Labels Capability

This cost or advantage is maximized for minor quantities of custom labels. They are also known by the term ‘short run labels’. Another benefit of digital printing is you can order only the number of labels you need at the moment, rather than ordering a bulk to simply get the best price.

  1. Design Flexibility

If you want to be competitive, you should examine your effectiveness of your design on a regular basis to make it look attractive to the target audience. The cost of printing new label designs on a flexographic press can affect your bottom line because of plate charges and set up fees. If you possess multiple product label designs, costs can add up even at a quicker pace. With digital printing, there are zero plates and setup fees, so that we can begin printing the labels quicker.

Digital printing is popular all over the world as it can print 500 to 5,000 custom labels with each individual label having different information. This capability is termed as variable data printing. It opens up a lot of new and creative possibilities for customizing labels. You can add names from a database system, consecutive numbers, multiple barcodes, or even print multiple versions of the same label.

In Comparison with Flexographic Printing

The price and quality of flexographic label printing have been a go-to method when it comes to printing custom labels. They always carry a benefit for high volume product label orders, however, there are setup costs for each label job: designing your label artwork to make printing plates, installing the label press, mixing inks for color matching, and machine calibration. The setup and cost for labels can be costly if you are a small company or you just require a few product labels: this is a key benefit of digital printing.

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